Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter, etc.

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday last week. Casey was on the road but got home at about 3:00 am Sunday morning. Ellie and I spent the afternoon before decorating eggs. She was VERY serious about it and did a fantastic job. She's such a fun girl.

Thanks to mom ("Nana B."), the girls had matching Easter dresses! Here are some pics including one of Ellie giving Peyton "Harley kisses..."

The weather for the past 3 weeks has been AMAZING!!! We hadn't been out of the 40's since last October and saw the sun about once every 2 weeks. Now all of a sudden, it's been high 60's and sunny every day!!! It has been amazing. I get to go for runs OUTSIDE instead of on the treadmill, I get to take the girls to the playground every day, etc. The nice weather started right about April 1st and within a few DAYS the entire city is green again! It really is a gorgeous city and the good weather makes it so much better.

We went on a walk the other day and sat on some benches in the middle of the Ku'Damm (THE biggest shopping street in all of Berlin, 1/2 block from our house.) Ellie played in the flowers and Casey watched the nice cars go by... It was a nice afternoon. :)

Ellie is hilarious, as always. She is speaking more and more German (again, most of the time when she's angry) and can count to 10 in English, German and Spanish now. She continues to be a "freak of nature" as far as her size goes. On "Blue's Clues" the other day, they were measuring each other to see how much they'd grown. We made marks on our wall last December of how tall we all are. Ellie wanted to measure herself again like Blue. I wasn't expecting much of a change but let her do it anyway... She has grown a full INCH in the past 4 months!!! So then I threw her on the scale and she has now officially passed Harley in weight at 36 lbs. :)
I pulled up child growth charts on the web. She's not even on the chart for height... it just says "above the 99th percentile." Haha... She just turned 2 1/2 a few weeks ago and she's the average height of a FOUR-year-old! Even if she were 5 she wouldn't be abnormally small. We went to the playground this afternoon and she was playing with 6- and 4-year-old boys. Their mom literally wouldn't believe me that she's only 2. The three of them played tag and for some reason the boys kept making HER chase THEM. Bless her heart, she just ran and ran and ran as fast as she could but never could catch them. :) Here are some pics... One of them is an action shot of her eating it after one of the boys tagged her "it"... HARD.

Miss Peyton is still doing well. She is a smiling machine these days and is growing quickly. She tips the scales 14 pounds now! She's happier when awake, sleeping better and just all around easier in the last few weeks. She's still pretty "needy" and wants to be held most of the time but I don't mind that. :)


  1. such a bummer not to be able to go outside and play...glad you guys can finally go out! your little girls are darling. you look great!

  2. There are too many things that I love about this post to list. But I'll try...

    1. Ten-egg cartons.
    2. Ellie's painted finger nails.
    3. Ellie giving Peyton Harley kisses.
    4. Your fantastic hair!
    5. That you get to go running OUTSIDE!
    6. Ellie's cute face in the picture with Casey.
    7. Ellie's face plant.
    8. Smiling Peyton!

    Love you! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soon!